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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FMs Disney

Disney's Port Orleans Resort French Quarter and Disney's Port Orleans Resort Riversideare a pair of resort hotels located at the Walt Disney World Resort. The two hotels are themed to look like New Orleans or the Old South. Both resorts are located in the Downtown Disneyarea. The resort is owned and operated by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.
Disney's Port Orleans Resort French Quarter was designed to reflect the style and architecture of New OrleansFrench Quarter. The resort opened May 17, 1991 as Disney's Port Orleans Resort with 432 guest rooms in three guest buildings and expanded to its current 1,008 rooms in seven 3-story guest buildings containing 144 rooms each.
Disney's Port Orleans Resort Riverside was designed to reflect antebellum south along theMississippi River. The resort opened February 2, 1992 as Disney's Dixie Landings Resort, initially with rooms located in its Alligator Bayou section, and shortly afterward the remainingMagnolia Bend section was opened. Alligator Bayou consists of 1,024 guest rooms over 16 buildings styled as rustic, weathered lodges with 64 rooms per lodge. Magnolia Bend consists of 1,024 guest rooms over four buildings styled as southern plantation grand manor homes with 256 rooms per mansion.[1]

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