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Friday, July 16, 2010

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Torremolinos is a municipality on the Costa del Sol of the Mediterranean, immediately to the west of the city of Málaga, in the province of Málaga in the autonomous region of Andalusia in southern Spain. A poor fishing village before the growth in tourism beginning in the late 1950s, Torremolinos was the first of the Costa del Sol resorts to develop.It is very popular with British tourists and has a large British expatriate population. In the past the influx of younger British tourists has caused controversy.Areas of the town are dominated by high-rise development.
The Torre de los Molinos, from which the town takes its name
Benalmádena is a town and municipality in the province of Málaga, part of theautonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain. The municipality is situated approximately 12 km to the west of the city of Málaga, on the southern coast betweenTorremolinos and Fuengirola, in the heart of the Costa del Sol and Alhaurín de la Torrein the North. It has a population of approximately 53,000 residents, but also caters for a large number of tourists. The town is also home to the Enlightenment Stupa, the largeststupa (a structure important in Buddhism) in the West, standing 108 feet (33 m) tall.
Madrid (English pronunciation: /məˈdrɪd/Spanish: [maˈðɾið]) is the capital and largest city of Spain. The population of the city is roughly 3.3 million (as of December 2009); the entire population of the metropolitan area (urban area and suburbs) is calculated to be 6,386,932. It is the third-most populous municipality in theEuropean Union after Greater London and Berlin, and its metropolitan area is thethird-most populous in the European Union after Paris and London.The city spans a total of 698 km² (234 sq mi).
Puerta de Alcalá

Night view of the monument
The Puerta de Alcalá ("Alcalá Gate") is a Neo-classical monument in the Plaza de la Independencia ("Independence Square") in MadridSpain. It stands near the city center and several meters away from the main entrance to the Parque del Buen Retiro. The square is bisected by Alcalá street, although the street itself doesn't cross through the monument, and it is the origin of the Alfonso XII, Serrano and Olózaga streets. Its name originates from the old path from Madrid to the nearby town of Alcalá de Henares.

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