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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

#443-#445 Monaco n Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is one of Monaco's administrative areas,sometimes erroneously believed to be a town or the country's capital, just as Monaco-Ville. The official capital is the city ofMonaco, which shares the exact same territory as the country itself (Monaco is acity-state).Monte Carlo, which lies in the French Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea in Monaco is surrounded by France and close to Italy. It is widely known for its casino. The permanent population is about 3,000. Monte Carlo quarter includes not only Monte Carlo proper where the Le Grand Casino is located, it also includes the neighbourhoods of Saint-Michel, Saint-Roman/Tenao, and the beach community ofLarvotto. It borders the French town of Beausoleil (sometimes referred to as Monte-Carlo-Supérieur).
Terjebak dengan fm wording ni pabila leka membelek fm ksham..hehe..ksham..kau la sumber inspirasi ku mengumpulkan fm wording ;)

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