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Friday, March 12, 2010

#392-#394 from nazar

Fin Garden, or Bagh-e Fin, located in KashanIran, is a historical Persian garden
—  City  —
Tabatabaei House, early 1800s, Kashan. A fine example of traditional Persian architecture.
Tehran  is the capital and largest city of Iran, and the administrative center of Tehran Province. Tehran is a sprawling city at the foot of the Tochalmountain range with an immense network of highways unparalleled in Western Asia. The city is famous for its numerous resorts on the Alborz slopes, large museums, art centers, and palace complexes.
Tehran is the largest city in the Middle East and is the 16th most populated city in the world with a population of 8,429,807. Tehran is one of Iran's largest urban areas. [3] Most Iranian industries are headquartered in Tehran, including the manufacturing of automobiles, electrical equipment, military weaponry, textiles, sugar, cement, and chemical products. Tehran is also a leading center for the sale of carpets and furniture. There is an oil refinery located south of the city.-wikipedia

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